Legal Document Management has developed key metrics to monitor and ensure successful process serves. It allows us to identify problems and bottle necks early in the process and take steps for quick resolution.  We always want to get the serve done, so we will get a Rule 106 Substitute Service, if needed, to complete the harder jobs.

“Complete commitment to our clients by exceeding expectations each and every day.  The goal of every serve is to perfect service as fast and efficiently as possible. Our service will be the best in the industry anywhere service is needed.” – Team LDM

It starts with setting the standards for the “Service of Process”, monitoring the movement of the citations, petitions, summons, complaints, and restraining orders through our system as well as the courts, and making adjustments as needed to ensure a successful serve. Our performance metrics provide our clients with a clear picture of the “Service of Process” and instills confidence in our operations. Additionally, these performance metrics help Legal Document Management to establish continuous improvement initiatives in areas where other process server companies commonly perform at lower levels.  Quite simply, we are the most efficient process service anywhere. 

  • Check Status 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.
  • Email Communication and Ordering.
  • Orders go immediately to the field. There is no waiting period before we work on a job.
  • Pick-ups available from Office or Courthouses.
  • Filing the return of service and uploading to our website for eternal storing