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The 4 Biggest Frustrations Paralegals Have With Process Servers

A few months ago, I asked a group of paralegals to share what have been their biggest frustrations in working with process servers. I also invited them to share their praise and reasons they’ve decided to continue to working with specific process servers.

We’ve compiled the information below in order to give process servers some insight on what is and is not working for some paralegals. While the information is useful, it is important to remember that every paralegal will have their own preferences when it comes to having papers served.

Here are 4 big frustrations paralegals shared they’ve had with process servers

1. Failure to communicate

Communication was the first point brought to light in the conversation. Lisa Voorvart, a paralegal in Connecticut shared that her largest frustration with process servers is, “Failure to communicate with the paralegals sending them business.” 

2. Failure to perform service as directed

“I always send a letter to the marshall or process server giving a directive or service and citing the applicable statute,” Voorvaart also added. “It is frustrating when the marshal or server doesn’t take the time to read our directions. Other paralegals noted that they take the time to provide direction and necessary information to the process server, and it seems from the discussion that the best practice is to thoroughly read any information provided by the paralegal.

3. Not getting the papers served.

Bob Davidson of Colorado shares that when a defendant does not get served he is often in a situation where he must take personal flak from the attorney. “[It’s] because they haven’t been served, despite the process servers’ best efforts,” he said. “That was a greater frustration that was hard to bear at times.”

4. The cost of service

“For me,” April Williams, a paralegal in Alabama shared, “it has been the expense. I understand an expense coming from a server having to hunt and stalk a person, but for those quick and easy service jobs, the expense has been the issue.” Williams shared that she’s dropped process servers in the past due to expense alone.

With that, failure to communicate, failure to follow direction, not getting the papers served, and expense were listed as the major issues for this group of paralegals. Though there may be minor issues in the process, these four points appear to be the major focus when a paralegal is deciding whether or not to work with a select process server a second or third time.

What we’ve learned

While the paralegals shared their major frustrations, they were also quick to share stories of process servers going above and beyond. In reading the positive comments, we’ve learned the following three things:

  1. Being equipped with software and strategy makes a difference.
  2. Customer service goes a long way.
  3. Reliability and effort trumps cost.

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